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Epic Tales of the UK’s Oyster Obsession: From the Romans to Today

A Shellful* Beginning: The Romans’ Oyster Craze When the Romans first stepped onto British soil, they were not only taken with the land and its resources but with the seas and what lay beneath them – our native oysters. To the Romans, these juicy molluscs were not just a treat; they became a staple and […]

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Crackling Flames & Fresh Flavours: Easy Oyster Recipes for Fire-Side Cooking

Cooking oysters around a bonfire offers a delightful blend of rustic simplicity and gourmet flavour. As the bonfire crackles on Bonfire Night, friends and family in the UK gather not just for fireworks but for comforting food as well. This year, alongside the usual sausagey treats, why not add a twist with some fresh oysters […]

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The Legend of Angle Bay’s Oysters

Angle Bay, nestled between rocky cliffs and wide open skies, was a place of mystery. A small village, where everyone knew everyone, had for generations thrived on the rich oysters the bay generously bestowed upon them. These oysters, known throughout the land, were unlike any other; larger, juicier, and with a flavour so unique, it […]

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Native Oysters: A Deep Dive into the History of Britain’s Original Slow Food

A Delicate Introduction: Britain’s Time-Honoured Treat When one thinks of indulgent and lavish British culinary traditions, native oysters swiftly come to mind. A mollusc that has graced the plates of us Brits for centuries, its unique taste and texture have cemented its place in the country’s rich food culture. Diving deeper, we begin a journey […]

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The Importance of Being (Buying) Local

Oysters are all about “provenance” – where they are from – because the very essence of an oyster reflects the place in which it was grown.  The shape, the colours of the shell, even the colour of the flesh itself are influenced by where and how it was grown.  Most importantly of all, an oyster […]

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Blog #2 Don’t Feel Glum Chum – Eat an Oyster

It’s the middle of winter so its dark, cold and wet, and many of us are all feeling like we need something to perk us up and keep us healthy.  Did you know that our oysters contain key nutrients and vitamins that can help us fight off coughs & colds and the winter blues? Zinc […]

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Blog #1 Setting up the Oyster Farm

Welcome to the Blog!  We will be posting regular news from the farm and related articles as our oysters grow.  Setting up an oyster farm takes time, patience, and a lot of investment in hard work and inevitably, money.  We started planning our farm about 5 years ago with the with the aim of producing […]

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