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Filthy Grilled Oysters

Pure oystery filth perfect for the bonfire, bbq or under the grill. Quick, easy and tasty, this spicy topping is easy to mix up and only takes a couple of minutes to cook.

The Makings

1 x dozen Pembrokeshire Rock Oysters (opened)

Topping:60g (2 oz) butter

A good handful of grated parmesan

2 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp cayenne pepper

2 x crushed cloves of garlic

A big squeeze of lemon juice

A big pinch of chopped parsley


Step 1. Mix the topping ingredients together in a bowl

Step 2. Spoon a generous amount on to each oysters

Step 3. Place around bonfire, on BBQ or under grill and cook until bubbling and topping has started to brown

Step 4: Eat with a hunk of crusty bread and a beer or glass of wine

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