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Grilled Nduja Oysters

Spice up your life with this simple and zingy grilled oyster recipe. These punchy taste bombs can be cooked in 5 mins under a grill, on your BBQ or on the side of a bonfire.

The Makings:

1 Dozen Pembrokeshire Oysters

30g Butter

50g Nduja Sausage


Cold beer (optional – but recommended)


Step 1: Preheat the grill, fire up the BBQ or get your fire going

Step 2: Let the butter and nduja salami get to room temperature and soften up, then mash together

Step 3: Shuck your oysters and add a teaspoon of nduja butter to each one

Step 4: Place oysters under the grill/on the BBQ/on the embers for around 3 minutes and wait until everything is bubbling – try not to over-cook

Step 5: Take them off the heat (carefully) and serve with a wedge of lime

We love these with friends and a crisp cold beer.

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