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How to shuck an oyster

Essential Shucking Tools:  All you need to safely shuck an oyster is an oyster knife and either a tea towel or glove to protect your hand. 

Step 1. Hold the oyster firmly in the tea towel or gloved hand with the hinge pointing towards you. 

Step 2. Insert the tip of the knife into the crack of the hinge wiggling side-to-side until it is stuck firmly inside.  You should be able to let go of the knife leaving it sticking out of the hinge.

Step 3. Twist the blade of the knife to prize the shell apart – you will hear the hinge pop.

Step 4. Run the blade of the knife along the top of the shell to free the flesh away and cut the fleshy muscle holding the oyster.

Step 5. Discard the top shell with a flick of the knife then run it underneath the oyster to cut the muscle to free it from the shell.  

Step 6. That’s it you have shucked your first oyster.  The final step is for you to inspect the oyster for any grit or shell fragments and serve.

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