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Restorative Aquaculture is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Creating a Healthier Ecosystem

Restorative aquaculture is at the heart of everything we do at Atlantic Edge.  Rather than take from the sea oyster farming can have a restorative effect on the surrounding waters by removing excess nutrients and provide habitat to create a healthier ecosystem for other marine life.

To run our farm within a Marine Protected Area we have to operate with the lightest of touch and have developed ways of growing oysters that leave the smallest of footprints.  From our seed oyster supply throughout the whole production process to our packaging we strive to use the most sustainable approaches and are always looking for ways to improve them.

Supporting Native oyster restoration

We have committed to donate an oyster for every Atlantic Edge t shirt we sell from our shop – buy a tee, help restore the native oyster.

150 billion larvae released every year

A key part of our business and why we originally started the farm was to support Native Oyster Restoration.  The slow growing Naive oyster (Ostrea edulis) were once the mainstay of our historic local Pembrokeshire Oyster fishery and we are working to bring back stocks with fishermen and conservationists.  By growing native oysters we contribute to wild stocks by supplying oysters for restocking and hosting researchers.  The oysters on the farm do their bit by spawning each summer – each oyster can produce 1.5 million larvae which at our stocking levels equates to 150 billion larvae released from the farm every year.  

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