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So Pure That You Can Eat Our Oysters Straight Off the Beach

Grown in Pembrokeshire’s pristine marine environment

The famously powerful twice daily tides bring fresh pure Atlantic waters directly into our farm enabling us to achieve a Class A shellfish classification from the Food Standards Agency.

This means that we can harvest and supply you with oysters direct from the sea ensuring that they retain the true character of the sea around the Atlantic Edge.

Native Oysters

Species Ostrea edulis

Natives are the traditional oyster fished and farmed in Europe back before the Romans into prehistory. They are rounder and flatter than our commercial rock oysters and much slower growing. Now quite rare, we are helping bring them back by restoring oyster beds but sometimes keep a few back so that we can share their unique flavour with you.

Our rare native oysters are considered the oyster aficionado’s oyster. Taking nearly 5 years to reach market size they take on the more subtle characteristics of the Atlantic Edge during this time. Natives have a crisper bite with a complex umami punch and a distinctive silvery finish. Only available occasionally, and definitely only when there is an “R” in the month.

Rock Oysters

Species Crassostrea gigas

Our rock oysters are deep cupped full of flavour. We have named our rock oyster range after rocks and seamarks from around the Atlantic Edge and reflect their wild and ancient history.

Small, fresh tasting, succulent oysters, Mew Stones are the first of each batch off the farm each year. Just the right size for enjoying with friends straight out of the shell with drinks on the beach or in front of a fire.

Etymology: “Mew” from the Old English for Herring Gull

Stacks are the mainstay of our oyster range. A classy, deep cupped oyster with a combination of fresh sea aromas and a deep sweet finish. Ideal for eating straight out of the shell or under the grill for classics like Oysters Rockfeller.

Etymology: “Stack” from Old Norse for piled up or heaped

Tuskars are the ones that got away and have grown large. These oysters are big and meaty with the fresh ocean notes and sweetness of our smaller oysters but with a deeper umami finish. One for the connoisseur from the half-shell and ideal for grilling over a BBQ or to make our favourite, a carpetbag steak stuffed with oysters.

Etymology: “Tuskar” from the Old Norse, “tu”= big “skar” = rock

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