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Delight in the exquisite taste of our Welsh Cockles, hand-harvested from the unspoiled shores of Wales. These small, tender shellfish are a true delicacy, cherished for their sweet, succulent flavour and firm texture. Perfect for both traditional recipes and innovative culinary creations, Welsh Cockles bring a touch of coastal charm to any meal.


  • Superior Quality: Wild-harvested to ensure the highest quality and freshest taste, free from artificial additives.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: Collected using environmentally friendly practices that protect marine ecosystems and promote sustainability.
  • Unique Flavour: Characterized by a natural sweetness and a firm, yet tender texture, making them a versatile ingredient in various dishes.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Rich in essential nutrients, including protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins.
  • Fresh and Flavourful: Quickly processed and delivered to maintain peak freshness and flavour.

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